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I am a beginner in Forex Trading and I started learning about Forex Trading in early 2022 but I couldn’t figure out how to start Forex Trading. As a beginner I randomly found this platform and I must say it helped me alot in learning basics of Forex Trading.


When I started learning about Forex it was so confusing that I was about to quit this but The Billionaire Army helped me learn it in the simplest possible way.


Thank you @TheBillionaireArmy for sharing much valuable information about Forex Trading that nobody talks about.

Ch Adil

I am commenting here after reading almost all the content published on this website. I am truly amazed by the depth of concepts explain here, I watched so many Youtube videos by the experts but nobody was this much clear in explaining the complexities of Forex Trading.


I really appreciate your efforts of making this content easy to understand, yet its very comprehensive that now it is easy for me to understand the expert traders which was not possible before visiting this website.


The Billionaire Army is not only a website but it sounds like a personal experience of a Trader who has gone through easy phase of the Forex Journey that most traders talk about but no one explains how they did it. This simple yet rich-of-information website motivated me to learn Forex Trading and don’t blind follow the signals provided by companies and some youtubers.


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